What's New?

Lecture / Tutor of Ceramics and Pottery

As September 2020, I am now based in Derby as I am now working as the ceramics and pottery lecture at South Staffordshire college in Lichfield. This position is with the community learning department and teaching ceramics to all ages and people with no experience. I am highly grateful for this opportunity, widen my skills set within teaching ceramics and giving me a perspective of working within a academic setting. 


Check out the new work in Gallery

I have now uploaded my homeware collection in the Gallery section so please check it out, I will be soon publishing my online shop which will make it easier for you to buy my work. I have been working hard over the past few months in getting the work to a standard I.m happy to sell and I'm nearly there, I aim to have the online shop open in the next two to three months once I figure how is the best way to do so.



I am pleased to announce that you can now find my work in a selection of stores in Scotland and the north of England. You can find my work in the listed galleries below:

 'Scotland Art' at 193 Bath Street, Glasgow,

 'Marchmont Gallery' at 56 Warrender Park Rd, Edinburgh,

All galleries and shops have a collection of mugs, sake cups, tumblers and bowl. I am happy that these galleries are help to support my work and allow me to continue to make and produce work, all I can say is thank you for the support!


My very own wheel and photography

I have been lucky enough to win funding from Craft Scotland and Scottish Potters Association back in January which was put together with savings to purchase my wheel! I am over the moon with this as it has allowed me to continue making and allowing me to make freely and not worry to much with the mess. Since purchasing the wheel, I have already been commented on the improvement of thrown quality within my work. 

What has happened recently is that I have had the talented Jamie Mcllhatton (@jamiegoesoutside on instagram) around to the studio to do the photography of the new series of work, I am so happy with the finish work and looking forward to share it with you all. It just means I will need to update my website properly but that will come with time. Jamie, Thank you! 



After New Designers : One Year On I have been able to test and develop a new direction for my work. I have begun to focus on creating more functional work with a different and more effective approach to using natural elements  in my glazes. The new range consists of the following:

  •  - Mugs

  •  - Tumblers

  •  - Bowls

  •  - Plates

  •  - Sake cup

  •  - Tea bowls

When developing this work I focused on creating a decorative aspect using natural elements. For this process I used ash as a thick paste and brushed it on top of my base glaze. The layer of ash changes the chemistry of the glaze in the kiln. By creating a extra layer of flux and making the glaze run more, the end result is a striking natural effect which is hard to produce twice. 

My plan is to focus on refining this concept and each piece that I produce from this process will be unique in its finished result. All work will be one-off pieces but produced on a large scale.