Porcelain X Granite. 


The granite use within this piece is from Sanna Bay.


"Sanna Bay is situated at the most westerly point in mainland Britain on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.


Dominated by beautiful white, shell sand and turquoise sea, the bay is well-known for its magnificent beach and coastal scenery. There are superb views of the Small Isles of Rum, Eigg, Muck and Canna and there are often dolphins and whales in the water. On the land there are generous views, dramatic seascapes and the possibility of catching a glimpse of some of Scotland’s most elusive wildlife, including sea eagles, otters and pine martens."


I wanted to use the material i collected on the beach with in the clay body and by using porcelain, adding a pureity to the piece. My porcelain throwing skills arent the best so the work has some weight to the work. 


Hand thrown porcelain, porcelain slip , granite. 


Celadon Glaze 


17cm diameter / 6 cm height

Porcelain and Granite bowl