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Preorder only : Dinner set.


Preorder today and recieve your handmade dinner set in 6-8 weeks (Im allowing 2 extra weeks on this as im currently in the process of moving studios)


Option one:


4 Large plates . (Approximately 25cm in Diameter).


Option two:


4 large plates and breakfast bowl


Option three:


4 Large Plates, 4 side plates (Approximately 15cm in Diameter) and Breakfast bowls


All made in a textured stoneware and glazed in my white opaque glaze. As seen in the photos 


Fired to Cone 8.


I will always recommend handwashing but from previous costumers who have ordered from me in the past. They have confirmed the work has been fine in the dishwasher and no damage has happened.  




Preorder : Dinner set. Option 2

Order should be ready between 6-8 weeks
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