Hand-build vessel.


White stoneware with granite, ash, bronze and natural slip marking.


While lockdown vessel 1 reflected on my life during the hardest part of lockdown for myself -  mentally and emotionally. Lockdown vessel 2 show growth within this collection of work I was making, I slowly handbuild this piece by coiling the clay and finishing it on the wheel, having more control towards the final form. Glazing and firing in the same process as vessel 1, this piece shows more clear movements with the brushstrokes of granite glaze. Along with that, I was able to source my own natural clay from my backgarden in Ayr. 


It reinspired me to source more natural elements for the surface of my work and I finished the piece with a touch of bronze to highlight more steady movements on the surface. Showing progression within myself and being more steady in my own surroundings. 


9 cm rim

20 cm height

12 cm base  


Fired to 1240 degrees in a oxidized kiln.

Lockdown vessel 2

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