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Shop 29/11/2023

Hello and welcome to my winter shop opening, here I offer you a collect of work in which I am very proud off. A range of work on offer explores more experience mark making using wild clay slips (Collected from Glasgow and Ayrshire) and a small batch of wild glaze development. The development of this work pushed me, exploring new materials like throwing with porcelain and gaining the understanding and respect it needs. 

Im proud of what I produced here and what's on offer so please have a look, explore and share. 

Thank you. 

If you are interested in having a dinner set, please click here.

I will be closing this shop on Friday, the 15th of December. 8pm. This will time to send all parcels on the Monday. 


Due to Brexit, This is a disclaimer that you may face a customs fee on delivery but I aim to have done my part right to ensure you don't. I do apologise in advice and if you do, please contact me if you do to allow me to learn / correct it for future shops. Thank you.

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