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Come and learn in a rustic shed studio.

Come and learn who to throw at my rustic garden shed studio in Ayr. From introduction classes to more advance one to one throwing, I offer a relaxed and formative learning experience set at the bottom of my mothers garden.


Welcome and thank you for showing interest in learning how to throw with myself. I'm please to be able to start offering one to one classes from the studio in Ayr which is placed in my mothers back garden shed. It's rustic, it has charm and I can promise you a black Labrador will say hello on welcome (And most likely through the class too).

What I can offer is an intensive but relaxed learning experience in which my aim is to help you learn to throw. May that be from a beginners introduction level to more advanced level of throwing. With several years experience and time working in Mallorca under Maria De Haan as her assistant, I aim for good techniques and a high standard of work. 

Classes start from half days (3 hours) or a weekend class (6 hours over 2 days)

Half day . 11am - 2 pm. £100 . This is an experience only on throwing and I will trim the work you make. Finishing it in one of my glazes and will be sent to you once they are done.  

2 x Half day. 11 am - 2pm both days. £200 . You are able to throw on the first day and trim the pieces on the second. This allows you to learn the full process and be able to complete the work yourself.

(times can be flexible and happy to work with you when is best)


Advance learning days.

I can also offer an advance learning on the wheel and in the areas of glaze theory or offer a more open discussion / advice experiences. These can consist of a full day, 6 hours in which the times can be arranged between us. How I have structured these classes before is by splitting the day up. May that be 3 hours in the morning of throwing and in the afternoon, advice on glazing and processes surround glazing. May that be help on development, advice on the best approach or how you can take your work to a new level. 

These are informative and lots of information can be passed on. 

As I said, times can be arranged between us and can be tailored to your needs. 

If you wanted half a day of trimming, I am happy to prepare work for you to trim. 

Full 6 hour day. £180

Please email using to enquire about learning with me.

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